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The Easy Reach Solutions integrated software system was created to support our schools - and you!
Every school department is stretching its resources to the max. Take the lead in your district and bring in an integrated solution. Make it easier for your entire school team to submit facility requests and connect with intended audiences.
Why not efficiently manage your learning spaces, assign tasks, and increase everyone's event awareness all at the same time?
Improve Management Controls
Grow Community Engagement
Gain Efficiency & Accountability
Increase Safety & Event Awareness
Boost the flow of school information automatically
Uncomplicate the Work Order Process
Maximize your district's PR Potential
Choose the multiple advantages the EASY way brings
Begin easily. Maintain easily.
"The simplicity of the Easy Reach system invites people to take ownership of their own facility and work order requests. This is huge! With more people on board, requests and notifications are now flowing into our department for approval with greater accuracy and detail. All of the information I need is at my fingertips - as it is for our staff and community. Easy Reach is a great tool. We've signed up to use it for another school year."
Brett Roach
Director of Facilities, Transportation & Safety
Holland Public Schools - Holland, MI