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It's easy to begin with ERS – and easy to keep the good stuff going.

Most of the members on ERS team are current or retired school staff members, so the combined in-the-trenches school experience grounding our commitment to you is deep and wide.

The school operations knowledge base within ERS is extensive and the “shared heart” for what you do within your own school district is sincere.

We care about your challenges and we want to make your job easier.

Our schools need dedicated and skilled professionals guiding them like never before, and while we’re a new business offering a new range of useful school software services, we’re in there for the long haul with you.

The rest of our ERS team is comprised of talented, young, and energetic coders and developers who also possess a passion for the worthwhile purpose of our schools. They bring fresh eyes and 21st century magic to every ERS project 

We like that mix… and we hope you’ll take the time to find out if the Easy Reach Solutions we proudly offer (and will continue to improve and expand) are a good match for you and your school district.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Tom Page, ERS Co-Founder - tomp [at]
Zack Collins, ERS Co-Founder - zacharyc [at]